About Aqua Jet, LLC

Experts in Precision Water Jet Cutting Services

Founded in 1993 by Robert Baer, an engineer with over 30 years of engineering experience, in the Water Jet Cutting industry. Aqua Jet Cutting Services is a full service broker of job shop services. Secondary operations can be outsourced locally through our certified associate vendors. We provide expert cutting of your materials with the latest equipment.


AquaJet, LLC is committed to the production of high quality dimensional graphics and parts that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. We offer certified quality assurance and are an ISO 9001:2000 compliant company.


Projects that require unusual design or engineering solutions are Aqua Jet's specialty. We cost effectively evaluate your project and suggest the best method to accomplish it.

Service & Value

Emphasizing full service to our clients, including project evaluation, design engineering, visual communications and finally; projects shipped in a timely manner. Aqua Jet Cutting Services recognizes the importance of providing quality products at a reasonable price making us the cost effective solution for your project needs.

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Water Jet Cut Tight Tolerances by Aqua Jet, LLC